Bristols 6- Rainbow Star Pasties

Bristols 6- Rainbow Star Pasties

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Bristols 6 is one of the most famous little companies in the big world of fashion. Their line of uber-sexy body cover-ups is a true Hollywood favorite! Their products and the packaging appeal to any audience with a passion for fashion, beauty and quality.

Not only are these couture pasties sticky enough to stay put through a night of dancing, sweating, and anything else that might come up… they are also revolutionary in the world of pasties! Each fabric was chosen carefully and applied with a special medical grade adhesive that DOES NOT WRINKLE when applied to curvaceous body parts!  Feel sexy and confident knowing your goods are stylishly covered, and if a slip happens, you’ll be ‘haute’!

Each package includes two sets of pasties in the same size and shape

Availabe in Size A/B or B/C