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Cruising For the Best Sex of Your Life

Homemade glory holes in a stall wall, steamy shower trysts, truck stop rendezvous...According to Gaybie award-winning editor Shane Allison, "There's nothing that gets the adrenaline flowing and the muscle throbbing like public sex."

Two bears get it on in the cab of an 18-wheeler in Jeff Mann's "Keeper" and more than minds get blown in "One Hot Baby" by Daniel Curzon. A fierce black queen enjoys some of "New York's Phynest" in an encounter with a hot cop in Donald Peebles Jr.'s surprise-filled story, while the corn-fed rascal in Rob Rosen's "Small-Town Blues" gets horny in the sticks. Filled with kink, exotic locations, wild scenarios and plenty of sexual intensity, Cruising moves at high speed.

With contributed stories by Aaron Travis, Bob Vickery, Jeff Mann, Jonathan Asche, Rob Rosen, Mark Wildyr, Shaun Levin, Donald Peebles Jr., Gerard Wozek, Bearmuffin, Bob Masters, Chuck Willman, Daniel Curzon, Jeremy Andrews Windsor, Ryan Field, Gregory L. Norris, and Shane Allison.