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One of Pure Pleasure's top-selling discreet yet UBER powerful rechargeable vibrators, the Duet packs surprising power in dual micro-motors. Slip the Duet into your hand for moments you want more intense sensations than your fingers can provide. With four vibration modes and four power levels, you'll have fun discovering ideal combinations.

The Duet is significantly more quiet than any other vibrator, enabling a wider range of possibilities for when and where you'll use it.

The small metal base of the Duet detaches and plugs into any standard USB port, where it will recharge fully in under two hours. Hassle-free and environmentally-friendly, the Duet can charge in your computer or phone charger so it's ready to go when you are.

Completely waterproof when fully assembled, the Duet is perfect for playing in the bath, shower, or on your secluded ocean getaway. Submerge it safely for play or for easy cleaning with soap and water.

Pure Pleasure LOVES the dual motor sensation, transmitting exciting vibration from one side of the clit to the other, creating a unique sensation unlike any other vibe.

A genuine leather pouch comes with every DUET for discreet yet classy storage of your vibe, whether traveling or just by your bedside.

Customer Reviews

"I am a power queen. Meaning I like STRONG vibrators. None of that buzzy stuff. But most powerful vibrators are huge and obnoxiously loud. Enter the Duet. Deeply powerful yet small and practically whisper quiet. I have met my match. I think I am in love" - Mary, San Jose, CA