FeMani®Vibrating Massage Wand

FeMani®Vibrating Massage Wand

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The FeMani®Vibrating Massage Wand may be recommended by your health care provider for:

  • Use when you experience menopause
  • Use when you experience reduced arousal or sensation
  • Use when you are having difficulty reaching orgasm

To help choose the appropriate size to start with, determine how many lubricated fingers you can insert into your vagina when you are not aroused. For 1 finger, choose the 1 & 2 set, for 2 fingers choose the 2 & 3 set. If you are unsure or between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller choice, which will still provide the beneficial massage without the potential strain or discomfort of being too big! Each FeMani®Vibrating Massage Wand kit includes a controller and 2 different size ends.

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