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Fun Factory Tango

Fun Factory Tango

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Tango by Fun Factory is a dual-stimulation vibrator that unites passionate play with strength and elegance. We love the soft, sanitizable material and the flexible clit stimulation arm.

Thanks to a clever design, the Tango is a multi-tasking vibe: stimulating both the vagina and clitoris for the dance of a lifetime. Additionally, its smaller arm makes anal insertion a safe and pleasurable option. Simply shift positions to experience the range of pleasure this bi-vibe offers. The design is finished with a "gentle touch" silicone surface, making it luxuriously touchable.

For a quick boost to your step, the tested TURBOBOOSTER will briefly push the toy into a "quickie pace" from its standard vibration settings. Women who love extravagance will not want to forgo the Tango any longer!

Special Features:

* 100% waterproof * Battery operated* One touch buttons * TURBOBOOSTER * 8 vibration intensities  * 3 vibration programs * Powerful yet quiet motor * vibration shaft out of 100% silicone * gentle touch surface * illuminated control element * simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and clitoris or anus.

Available in blue and pink.