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Japanese Drip Candles

Japanese Drip Candles

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Add that spark to your bedroom play with sensual Japanese Drip Candles. Just light the wick and tease your lover with the kiss of hot wax! Low-temperature paraffin wax is safe for skin, but will make your sweetie gasp with shock and excitement! 3 candle set includes colors red, purple, and black.

• Includes 3 candles
• Made with low-temperature paraffin for skin-friendly play
• Set contains one of each color: red, black, purple

Introduce your lover safely and sensually to the world of hot wax play with Japanese Drip Candles by Doc Johnson! These quality drip candles are made for bondage games – no, really, they're formulated with low-temperature paraffin wax that drips beautifully without the risk of causing discomfort to your lover.