Kiki Massage Oil Candle - Small

Lotus No. 9
Santal No. 2

The decadent Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Oil Candle is designed to seduce the senses with scents of Japanese lotus flower, before being poured across the skin for a sensual massage, or to add a few drops into a relaxing bath for one (or two). The natural wax heats to just above body temperature so is only warm to the touch without burning the skin. 

Made without Parabens, Petroleum, or Phthalates. 

2.12 oz /60 grams 

Available in:

  • Lotus No. 9 - Bright & floral scent of Japanese Lotus Flower
  • Santal No. 2 - Warm scent of sandalwood with hints of burnt citrus