Laid D.1 Dildo

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Laid's D.1 Silicone dildo's beautiful curves and distinctive lines will seduce your eyes, and your finger tips will sigh as they caress the ultra-soft velvet finish on the surface. Laid has passionately reinvented the dildo for your ever-loving, orgasm-craving body.

·   100% Medical grade silicone
·   Completely unique asymmetrical design
·   Has two different shaped ends for variation (tapered and asymmetrical)
·   Ergonomically designed to work well in either the right or left hand
·   Textured pattern on one end adds more sensation
·   Beautifully presented in award-winning packaging with no cost spared

D.1's asymmetric shape simulates exquisite manual stimulation – with simple twisting and turning, it is like having someone who knows exactly how to touch you inside. It is for the person who loves their g-spot and LOVES penetration… yes, that much.

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