Laid P.2 Penis Ring 51.5mm

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Avid  cock ring users swear by the Laid P.2 teardrop penis ring!  This ring is designed to be worn around the penis and testicles, contributing to a fuller erection and may delay orgasm by slowing the flow of blood from the penis.  The extension is angled at exactly 61 degrees in order to massage the erectile tissue behind the testicles, as well as gently push up against the perineum (the area between the testicles and anus) with each thrust during intercourse.

·   Oval shaped for a better fit around the penis and testicles
·   Extended end with the logo applied as texture for added sensation to the clitoris
·   Convex surface in order to stimulate the perineum
·   Angled more dramatically than other rings for a stable, comfortable fit

Also designed for versatility, try turning the P.2 in different positions to experience other sensations.

Available in blue and black