F1S™ V3 is a next-gen sex toy that features advanced upgrades to take you into a new pleasure realm. It doesn’t try to imitate any known sensation like fellatio or penetration; it stimulates the phallus with sonic waves from all sides without needing extra thrusting motion.

Thanks to the AI interactive mode, it translates your every movement in real time into encrypted feedback and responds with tailor-made vibrations along your penis. The result is a sensational feeling of immersion, surrounded by auto-adjusted liquid silicone ribs that further enhance this unique sensation. App-connected and with seven vibration settings powered by two motors, F1S™ V3 is also available in a new extra-large size for those with bigger anatomies.

Elevate your pleasure with F1S™ V3, the next-gen male pleasure console with dual motors for double the power and several innovative upgrades. This app-connected marvel will take your satisfaction to new heights, allowing you to embrace the luxurious feel of liquid silicone and unlock additional settings using the LELO app, including the cutting-edge All interactive mode. Experience the evolution of pleasure with auto-adjusted silicone rib as F1S™ V3 adapts to your desires, ensuring a sensational journey with every use.


Materials: Body-safe silicone, Aluminum alloy, LEXAN™ 141R
Size: 144 x Φ 72 mm / 5.67 x 2.83 in
Insertable length: 110 mm / 4.3 in
Girth: 40mm-60mm / 1.75 in - 2.36 in
Weight: 314 g / 0.69 lb
Battery: Li-lon 850 mAh 3.7 V
Charging: 2 h at 5.0 V 850 mA
Rated Power: Input: 5V 3.75W
Output: 3.7V 1.5W
User time: up to 2 h
Standby: 90 days
Frequency: suction motor: 64 Hz
vibration motor: 93 Hz
Max. noise level: < 75 dB
Interface: 3 buttons