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Lips Like Sugar

Lips Like Sugar

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Women's Erotic Fantasies

Edited by Violet Blue


Violet Blue wants to stir your erotic imagination and fire up your fantasies. In Lips Like Sugar, she serves stories of audaciously joyful sex, dished up without qualifiers or apologies. From sweet and scintillating to downright raw, these erotic encounters cover just about every conceivable sexual scenario, each one utterly delectable. Debra Hyde's "The Accidental Exhibitionist" follows a nearly naked submissive as she models new fetish gear and serves her master in public. Teresa Lamai's "Idyll" finds poetry and passion in a scorching three-way set in Croatia. And Carolina John's "The 9:30 to Edinburgh" shows just how accommodating a British train compartment can be to a group of sexually charged strangers. As Violet Blue suggests, "use this book as you would any sex toy-or travel guide."