Luna Balls

Luna Balls

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The Luna Balls by Lelo are a combined pleasure/fitness system for the circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.  Developed as an alternative to traditional "geisha-balls", Luna offers the advantage of increased resistance over time. 

The balls can be removed from the silicone holder to provide a beginner-friendly weight. They can be paired up or used solo in any number of ways, so you get multiple different weight sets in one convenient package.

The movement-induced subtle vibe makes for more efficient, fun and pleasurable kegel exercising. Indeed, performing daily kegels helps restrain and prevent stress incontinence, but benefits moreover include increased neuromuscular control, enhanced sensation and ultra-intense orgasms.

The Luna system includes two 28-gram balls, two 37-gram balls, and a medical-grade silicone composition girdle (holder for the balls).