Maid of Honor Kit

Maid of Honor Kit

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“Maid of Honor Kit” for bachelorette parties


Penis Shot Glass for 6 (over 6 add $2 each)
Laugh about the hilarious shape of your four and a half inch tall glass as you take shots with your friends.

Penis Pop for 6 (over 6 add $2 each)
Fun hard candy pops made to look like cocks for some sweet party laughs.

Bridal Play Dice
Roll the die and see what your assignment is. Compliment a bouncer’s bicep? Maybe it’s Bride’s choice– then you’re really in for it.

Flashing Bride-to-Be tiara
A flashy, fluffy, and fun decoration for the guest of honor.

Miss Bachelorette Sash
The perfect addition to any bachelorette party wardrobe, this makes the guest of honor feel like a queen for her special night.