Olivia's Boudoir Black Bag - Sweet Desire

The French Kiss Little Black Bag is a discrete petite size travel kit filled with all the “Romantic Essentials” for a passionate getaway.

The essentials included are:

  • ounce travel size bottle of Seduction Massage Oil. The essence of Exotic Sandalwood, Musk and a hint of Vanilla, drizzled over your partner’s skin will urge you to savor the pleasures of the body.
  • ounce Seduction massage candle. A seductive blend of Exotic Sandalwood, Musk and a hint of Vanilla. The travel size massage candle is made from skin moisturizing soy, coconut and olive oils
  • Travel packet of “Wicked” personal lube
  • Hand crafted Marabou style tickle feather (the color and style of the feather may change due to availability)