OMGyes - Season 1 - External Pleasure

OMGyes is an innovative new program to teach you all about pleasure for vulvas and vaginas -- Using the lived experiences of real women to guide you! Follow along with its 62 educational videos and the 11 touchable simulations that complement them. Through OMGyes's wealth of cutting-edge information on vaginal pleasure, you have the chance to explore newly uncovered details breaking down the specific ways different people find and enhance their intimate fun. So sit back, relax, and get touching!

This listing is for an access code to this revolutionary new learning experience. OMGyes is a website, not an app - But for maximum hands-on engagement with the simulations, we recommend trying it out from the convenience of your favorite touch-screen device. The access code is a one-time commitment that gives you permanent access to all of its videos, lessons, and simulations. Replay as many times as you want! 

NOTE: Once purchased, you will receive a separate email with instant access info for OMGyes. Please allow 24 hours for this to arrive. intro from FGS on Vimeo.