Palm Tec LX Male Masturbation Sleeve

Palm-Tec LX

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The Palm-Tec LX is the superior choice in palm strokers, designed for maximum gripping power and grand sensations. This impressive stroker features an ergonomically contoured exterior and a taut interior that is ribbed in the middle and nubbed at the entrance for the ultimate in masturbatory satisfaction. For your stroking pleasure the LX Vol 20 is made of clear, ultra stretchy TPR material so it conforms to your rod just right. This luxury stroker is lightweight and travel ready, perfect for the man on the go. The open-ended design makes clean-up quick and easy.

Measurements: 5.88 inches long, 2.65 inches in diameter.
Material: TPR.
Color: Clear.



I have to admit that the Palm-Tec LX is my new favorite sex toy. To start with, I really like the way that they have heavily ribbed the outside. This makes it easy to grip and hang onto even when you have lubricant on your hands. I like to transition from sex toy to bare hands and back repeatedly so this really helps.
The thing I like most about the interior are the transitions in tightness and the way that alters the sensations from the ribs. Both the transitions and ribs are really well done and very stimulating. One of the things I like best is that it works equally well from a flaccid state to a fully erect state. The knobs at the entrance are very effective for stimulating a flaccid cock and when it becomes erect the transition to more intense stimulation starts as soon as the cock encounters and passes the initial tight spot at the beginning of the tighter part of the toy. I like to stop occasionally and just rest and massage my balls for a while and then start again which sometimes results in these transitions from flaccid to fully erect. This toy works better for that than any other I have tried.
- J from Santa Cruz, CA