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Palm Tec Overdrive Vibrating Male Masturbation Sleeve

Palm-Tec Overdrive

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Stroke into overdrive, Palm-Tec Overdrive that is! Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm just right and contoured inside and out for a powerful finish. The textured interior is tight enough for friction and contains ultra-satisfying inner texture for enhanced sensations. For your stroking pleasure the Overdrive is made of clear, ultra-stretchy TPR, so it conforms to your rod and comes equipped with an optional vibrating bullet so you can add some vibration to your stroke. This clear stroker is lightweight and travel-ready, perfect for the man on the go!


The Palm-Tec and Velvet Glove both have a nice tight fit and both feel really good. The material texture is different and I couldn't make up my mind which I like better so I'll just say I like both. The material texture of the Palm-Tec reminds me more of the Tenga Flip Hole. I like it but it doesn't have quite the "skin" feel of the Velvet Glove and the Fleshlight. Different strokes as they say.
I find the knobs, ribs, and so forth of both really stimulating. At first, I thought that I would not like the open "cock tip" end of the Palm-Tec as much as the closed one of the Velvet Glove but that was not the case. I found it very stimulating all the way up to the tip with the added benefit of being able to add lube easily while still pumping. I used Uberlube which appeared to work very well. Both are really easy to clean.
I kind of thought that the bullet vibrator would be in the way of grasping the Palm-Tec but that was not the case. Instead, it had the nice effect of keeping the toy from collapsing when playing by just inserting and removing the tip of the cock an inch or so repeatedly. This is more difficult to do with the Velvet Glove because it collapses.
The only problem I found is that the sleeve that holds the bullet vibrator quickly developed a tear. It still holds the vibrator but I expect it will tear all the way in a fairly short amount of time.
- J from Santa Cruz, CA