Pete Briefs

Pete Briefs

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We are proud to introduce you to Pete by SpareParts, a comfortable pair of briefs, made especially for packing. Pete is the newest member of the SpareParts HardWear family, and their very first UnderWear line!

Pete's secure fit allows you to move freely, with zero fear that your packer will shift, dislodge, or fall out, even during rigorous activities.

Easy to use, versatile and comfortable, they are the ultimate soft packing underwear.

Pete offers the wearer the option of wearing the packer right up against the skin or tucked away with an elastic strap for extra security.

Made of lightweight nylon, spandex and jersey, the material draws moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry.

All Pete UnderWear offers:
·   SEXY high-end designer look and feel
·   Smooth look under clothing
·   Multi-panel design
·   Tag-less labels
·   Full size range
·   Fully hand or machine washable
·   Open fly fronts for easy access
·   Compatibility with most packers including STP (Stand to Pee)packers