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Pjur Med Repair 100 mL

Pjur Med Repair 100 mL

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Regenerative water-based personal lubricant.

pjur med REPAIR glide is a water-based lubricant with regenerating hyaluronic acid for dry and sensitive skin, including the genital area. Hyaluronan has the ability to bind large amounts of water to provide increased lubrication enabling optimal regeneration of the skin. The innovative formula guarantees an exceptionally long lasting lubrication. pjur med REPAIR glide covers the skin with an invisible, air permeable film, making it smooth and soft. pjur med REPAIR glide with regenerating and moisturizing hyaluron developed especially for dry and irritated skin in the genital area. Soft, long-lasting glideability.

pjur med REPAIR glide
• regenerating and moisturizing hyaluron.
• for dry and irritated skin in the genital area
• soft, long-lasting glideability