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NobEssence Inc™ is an innovative supplier of premium hand-sculpted organic, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing products from sustainably managed/farmed exotic hardwoods. They are guided by their mission to supply safe, sensual, and sustainable sculptures that provide:

 • Pleasure - as a natural and healthy means of self-knowing, becoming, sharing and connecting;
 • Functional Quality – as befits heirloom and museum quality products that work; and
 • Health & Sustainability – as is fitting for persons placed in stewardship of God's creation.

Nobessence™ wooden toys are made of organic wood, hand finished to a smooth surface, and sealed with Lubrosity™ their exclusive biocompatible body-safe coating that makes them waterproof and hypo-allergenic.

The sleek 'S' shaped curves of this sculpture make this something you won't want to hide in the closet. The bulbous end is perfectly designed for solo g/p-spot play. You can also hold the bulb as the handle and enjoy the sensations of fullness the smooth end provides.