Sex 365 - a new position for every day of the year

Scratching your head for a sex position? Tired of the way he always goes on top? Need to wow a new lover? Driven to insane boredom by the spoons position? Want to try the sexual equivalent of a yoga workout? If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, Sex 365 is for you. 

Packed full of exciting positions -- a new one for every day of the year. It illustrates a different position on every page with 365 tastefully explicit color photographs and presents a broad range of positions including sensual, loving, challenging and acrobatic. It exposes you to sex in all its naughty, saucy varieties. It's twisted sex, sex flipped upside-down, sex brought to its knees, and sex strung up from a bar. You can gape at the sex positions. You can marvel at them. You can even TRY them. But before you embark on your year-long position-athon, remember the following things:

  • Sex is great but don't forget to work, wash, and eat.
  • Outdoor sex is hot, but do NOT get caught. Police stations aren't sexy. (Unless you like uniforms...
  • If it hurts, stop doing it. There's never any point in throwing your back (or anything else) out in the pursuit of novelty.
  • Almost any position can be made easier with a super-sized tube of lube and some soft cushions.

Now just lie back and wrap your calves around your lover's head. Prepare to be rocked and rolled.