Switch Out Silencer Kit

Switch Out Silencer Kit

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Silence your partner in style with the kinky Switch Out Silencer kit from Sportsheets!  Whether you like it hard or soft or want a breathable ball gag, this "Sexperiments" kit has it all – including a lockable buckle with lock and keys. This kit is exciting for the novice and is comfortable but effective for your level of experience. The breathable ball gag is perfect for those ready to push their boundaries.

Ball gag with 3 interchangeable attachments: 

  • Bite Down Hard Bit
  • Soft Full Mouth Muffler Bit
  • Breathable Ball Gag
  • lock and keys


  • Polyurethane fabric
  • nickel free metal hardware
  • ABS plastic
  • polyester
  • PVC
  • brass

*Kit Available Online Only*