Tenga 3D Sleeve

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We at Pure Pleasure agree, the supersoft Tenga 3D Sleeve the next revolution in masturbation. Pursuing exquisite design in male pleasure products, Tenga 3D offers five unique products that are sure to excite. Pick a favorite, or try them all, Tenga 3D welcomes anyone to challenge the norm and enhance your pleasure beyond imagination.

Module - The Module is a collection of randomly arranged pleasure blocks to simulate a different feeling with every inch. For those fans of dominance and hard-nosed pleasure, Module stimulates to get your heart pumping in impeccable fashion.

Polygon - Polygon is the ultimate in silky embrace. Just lightly textured for a simply smooth feel, Polygon will stun you with every turn. With just slightly different feelings at each new angle and edge, Polygon emulates a realistic and very pleasurable touch.

Spiral - A form created from winding hexagonal plates. Both the varying sensations of the spiral form and the detailed ribs of each step of the walls combine to provide two separate stimuli catering to those adherent to both hard and soft sensations.

2" x 4.5"

Customer Reviews

"I purchased the Tenga 3D sculpture from the store. It looks great when not in use and feels good while in use. Best part is the stand to help display it and allows it to dry after cleaning it" - Joe


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