Tenga Geo


The TENGA Geo is designed to highlight the usually hidden intricate interior details that all TENGA sex toys pride themselves on. The TENGA Geo is one of the newest male masturbation toys in the TENGA line of products. A simple way to describe the TENGA Geo is a larger, reusable TENGA Egg.

The TENGAGeo mixes the stretch-ability and intricate interior details of the TENGA EGG with the re-usability of a similarly stretchable sex toy such as the TENGA SPINNER or TENGA 3D

The interior design that will provide the stimulation to the user is outwardly shown, creating a male masturbation product that not only has a functional design, but looks stunning even when not being used. (I.E. the photo shows the product as inside-out.)

  • Content: One device with lotion (10ml x1)
  • Invert the product for use
  • Easy-to-wash, reusable item 
  • Includes a stand for hygienic drying

The design of each of the Geo's features three different nature-inspired products, each offering a unique geometric sensation.

The TENGA Geo Coral: Complex peaks for elegant, enveloping pleasure. 

The TENGA Geo Aqua: Fluid ridges for direct, undulating pleasure.

The TENGA Geo Glacier: Angular prisms for dynamic, surging pleasure