The Anal Sex Position Guide

The Anal Sex Position Guide

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Packed with invaluable advice and inspiring and erotic photographs of techniques and positions, The Anal Sex Position Guide will teach couple how to reach new levels of pleasure. This one-of-a-kind collection of exhilarating anal sex positions- from Doggie Style to the Inverted Spider- is guaranteed to be fun and help you reach previously untapped orgasmic bliss- whether you’re giving it or getting it.

Award-winning author, columnist, and film director Tristan Taormino is the renowned “anal sexpert” behind this new guide to anal sex devoted to positions for both women and men- from anal virgins to experts!


·    Ways to bring up the topic and communicate with your lover about your fears and desires

·    Simple techniques for easing into it

·    How to make your physical and emotional health and safety a priority

·    All the ins and outs of the latest and greatest anal sex toys

·    Positions, positions, and more positions for beginners to anal aficionados, with dozens of variations tailored to your specific desires

·    The best methods for achieving maximum pleasure

·    Above all, how to make anal sex a healthy, positive, pleasurable experience

You’ll also find original stories from acclaimed erotica writers, which will help you build anticipation for these exciting new additions to your sexual repertoire. The Anal Sex Position Guide is your key to experiencing mind-blowing sex.