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The S/M Arts DVD Collecton

The S/M Arts DVD Collecton

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Cleo DuBois, the world renowned San Francisco based BDSM educator and practitioner, has just finished the first of her planned series of videos. Now, they are combined on one DVD! Get both great BDSM action filled actual scene sessions, recorded for both instructional and enjoyment! This DVD has the complete Pain Game video as well as the complete Tie Me Up sequel.


The Pain Game:

The Pain Game is SM Art at it's highest. BDSM educator and practitioner, Cléo Dubois takes you on an unforgettable psycho-erotic journey into the advanced world of Dark Eros. Witness the unique connection she creates with play-partners Creed and Brad, as they all expand personal boundaries in the confines of her dungeon.

Scenes include the art of negotiation, light bondage, heavy whipping, high erotic pain, bloodless play-piercing, intense heartfelt connection and shamanic SM. This video contains intense play, which requires safety skills not at novice level.

Tie Me Up!:

Tie Me Up! takes a passionate and serious, yet playful look at the many faces of physical restraint. Watch Cléo access deep feelings with masochistic tease, Jana. Explore the ambivalent resistance of Jack. Enjoy a playful interchange of fetish/fear/turn-on with the lovely "girl next door", Alexis.