June 02, 2020 1 min read

Why is it important for couples to acknowledge and address blocks in communication and connection? How can they properly communicate their feelings and needs, and how does this affect sex?

We also answer a sex question: My wife no longer gets wet during sex.

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 22. 

About our guest: Wellness Work, Dance, and Event Production have been Kelley Mountain's main outlets of service to the world and personal creative passions for nearly 20 years.  She uses these mediums to create beauty and inspiration in the world, from the individual to the masses. Coaching, bodywork and healing sessions, empowerment work, creativity, dance performance, spiritual circles, art & dance events, sensuality/sexuality and intimacy, and wellness retreats are some of her specialties.

Kelley is a certified Master Herbalist with a BA in Holistic Health. Since 2015 Kelley has been working primarily with men for Tantric Bodywork and Coaching. 2001-2015 she mainly worked with women for wellness, spirituality, belly dance, and healing work. Her life and work experience has been devoted to the health and harmony of the feminine and masculine, and her offerings can range from working solo, as couples, in small groups, in larger events, or online. To learn more visit https://goddessmodern.com/


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