April 17, 2017 2 min read

If you've spent any time with us in person or online, you'll know that lube is one of the things we recommend for any romp or roll in the hay. Meet the newest member of our lube collection, Slippery Stuff!

Slippery Stuff is unique among our water-based lube offerings. As you may know, water-based lubricants offer some of the greatest versatility among the various types out there. They are safe for use with all toy materials and all kinds of barrier protection. Among our water-based lubes, Slippery Stuff has a very unique texture. It looks and behaves a lot like the vagina's natural lubrication: It's slick and stringy when you rub it between your fingers, and it doesn't become sticky as your body absorbs it. What's more, it likes to stay together, so once it's on your body, it stays put, so you don't have to worry about it dripping down onto your sheets as with some of our more runny lubes.

It's worth mentioning that in terms of its ingredient list, Slippery Stuff is a little different from the usual offerings of Pure Pleasure. Except its first ingredient, de-ionized water, its ingredients are all man-made. With that said, the ingredient list is short, containing only five ingredients, and the synthetic components are also used in the fields of medicine and cosmetics. The majority of our water-based lube offerings by and large are made with all-natural components - ingredients you can pronounce and botanicals added to promote vaginal health, virility, and sex drive. For some people, this can actually be a drawback: For every botanical component, there is the potential to trigger in allergy in people who are sensitive. For example, carrageenan and kelp extracts may irritate some people with allergies, and our favorite gel lubricant, Sutil, uses oat bran as a component, potentially negating it as an option for gluten- and wheat-sensitive people. With synthetic components, you can create something as close to hypoallergenic as silicone. Slippery Stuff has not yet been certified hypoallergenic, but in its 20 years of production, many folks have found it to be an option where other water-based lubes have failed. 

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