February 09, 2024 1 min read

For vulva owners, orgasms are indeed harder to attain during partnered play than it is for penis owners. Hello orgasm gap

Now the thing about the orgasm gap is that people, companies, institutions, and professionals are continuously working hard to close it. Hence, why there’s a huge popularity in sex toys. But wouldn’t it be great to enjoy blissful moments of self-love and partnered play?

Now we’re not saying that sex toys shouldn’t be incorporated into your couples’ fun. But how about we move into a space where two people can merge together and experience orgasmic euphoria on an equal footing? Perhaps new data that’s recently emerged can help to close the orgasm gap! Hooray!

New Data On the Female Orgasm 

First things first, what is the orgasm gap? It’s when women tend to orgasm less frequently than men. Why does it exist? For many, penetration alone rarely, if ever, leads to orgasms.

Statistics reveal that men are significantly more likely to orgasm during sex compared to women. A YouGov study found that in Britain, only three in 10 women orgasm every time they have sex, compared to three in five men who do.

This is something that everyone should learn about. It’s often clitoral stimulation (with or without penetration)  that can get women to that wonderful sensation of climax. 

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