Please let us know ahead of time if you will need wheelchair access/special assistance so we can plan accordingly! 


Friday, August 17th: Anal Pleasure 101- a FREE Workshop



Happy Anal August! 

Did you know that your anus has just about as many nerve endings as that of your lips? That's right, folks! Your booty is a powerhouse for pleasure!

Ready to tackle one of the more taboo topics in the bedroom? Join Sex Educator, Amy Baldwin, for a fun and informative workshop on how to have pleasurable - and even orgasmic - anal sex. Class topics will include: anal how to's; positioning; toys; safer sex; harness play; double penetration; prostate play; anal health, and more! And because we're dealing with the universal orifice, this class is open to all genders and orientations (as usual)!

Instructor: Amy Baldwin is a Sexuality Educator, Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, and Pleasure Activist. She has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University, training from SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) as a Certified Sex Educator, as well as the Somatica Institute and Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra Professional's program. Amy is also co-creator of The Shameless Sex Podcast. Visit for more. 

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Thursday, August 23rd: Sacred Soulmates™ For Singles and Couples: How to Find Them and How to Flourish

6-7:30pm - workshop

7:30-8pm - wine and cheese mixer (optional)

$20 per person advance/$25 per person walk-in*

*Attendees will also receive a $10 bonus credit to Pure Pleasure (must be used evening of event)!

Is your heart calling for a deeper, more intimate and passionate soul connection? Are you ready to:

*Release pain and loss from past relationships and love like never before? 
*Learn steps to call in a deeper soul connection? 
*Take intimacy to the next level through heart-opening sacred intimate pleasure? 
*Learn and adopt the number one practice for bringing more joy, peace and happiness in your life and relationships? 
*Learn powerful tools to build deep, trusting relationships? 
*Uncover subconscious blocks that no longer serve you and then powerfully release them? 
*Deepen the relationship with your beloved partner or manifest your divine “right” Soulmate? 

If these questions resonate with a “YES!” then Sacred Soulmates™ is for you!

Facilitators Chris and Lisa will share the top three sacred steps to manifest the love of your dreams and create the most sacred, juicy relationship you’ve ever had! Plus a special piece on Tantra by Amy Baldwin of the Shameless Sex Podcast!

Come enjoy this fun, entertaining, and interactive evening. Bring your current love relationship or just your heart-centered single self (open to singles and couples of all orientations and genders). 

Instructors: Lisa Nicks-Balthasar and Chris Balthasar are “Soul Purpose Success” coaches, best friends, lovers, mirror soulmates, husband and wife. Both walk their talk, living fully in a deep loving “Sacred Soulmates” relationship after losing their beloved first soulmates to death and divorce. 

Lisa is an inspirational speaker, author, soul-purpose coach, and Co-founder of “Believe International, Inc.,” a non-profit organization, and Co-founder of The Heart of Manifestation retreat/workshops. Her mission is to inspire a deeper appreciation and discovery of the power of love and healing through “heart intelligence”. Chris brings a varied depth of experience to his coaching abilities. He earned a B.A. in philosophy from Haverford College, and is an avid student of Eastern philosophy (Taoism and Buddhism), and a graduate of the Landmark Forum Advanced Course. He also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Amy Baldwin is a Sexuality Educator, Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, and co-creator of the Shameless Sex Podcast. She has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University, training from SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) as a Certified Sex Educator, as well as the Somatica Institute and Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra Professional's program. Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-based sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from sexual how-to courses to Sacred Sexuality workshops. Learn more at

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Friday, August 31st: Heightening Pleasure: A Foreplay Workshop for Couples

7-9 pm

$44 per couple.*  Advance registration is required.

Learn to connect with your partner in a deeper and more present, playful way. Utilizing practices of conscious sexuality (and a little bit of science), you will discover more about what turns you on, what turns your partner on, and how to build that pleasure energy to an ecstatic state even before or without intercourse.

This workshop will give you the tools to heighten and prolong your pleasure together. Foreplay can become so fulfilling, you’ll think of it as the main course!

 *Please note: This is a “couple’s workshop” because we will be doing partnered activities that involve touch. If you are single, you are welcome to bring a friend that you are comfortable with. Couples of all orientations welcome.

Instructor: Allison Holley is an intuitive guide and conscious sexuality coach, who uses energy work, channeling, and other intuitive gifts to assist others in better knowing themselves and discovering their life path and personal mastery. She is also the author of the book, The Era of The True Creator.

For more info, make friends with her on Facebook or Instagram! Or visit

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Friday, September 7th: First Friday: "Lighting your Moment" Photography by Brad Davies

6:00 – 8:00 pm


Join us for an evening of art and tasty treats.

Brad Davis was born in Santa Cruz and raised in the Sierra mountains, which he would take any opportunity to venture into. So it was only natural for his love of the wilderness to impact his photography. Studying classical photography while at Cabrillo College where the approach of taking a single photograph comes from, a style that seems to be all his own.

Not enamored with the “spray and pray” approach, (taking many photographs of the same subject and picking out the best one out of a hundred), Brad Davies turned to the classic approach. He sets his camera to manual, which allows him to bring intention and nuance to each photograph. He takes the time to study the lighting, watching it as it shifts over time and transforms the environment. This attention to detail not only deepens his connection with nature, but it also reduces the amount of time he must spend in front of a computer. His careful approach, in sum, raises the quality of his work—both in the sense of his photographs and his process.

His favorite aspect of photography has always been how lighting dictates the depth of a photograph, and how, because light is ever-shifting, each scene before the lens is brief and will fade away in an instant. He strives to intimately understand and skillfully work with shifting scenes to create a depth in his images that speaks to the soul, for indeed, each scene exists as it is for only an instant. 

Davies is driven by the challenge of remembering the prior scene that a photograph has arisen out of, like a wave after an earthquake. He chooses to be present in the spaces where he creates, to see how past, present, and future are distinctive and yet connected, and to capture what he sees so that he may share it with the world and fulfill his higher purpose of inspiring someone to take that step outside and be right here, right now, in this unique moment.


Wednesday, September 12th: Sexy Flex: Tantra Yoga For Lovers


$50/couple advance $60/couple walk in*

*Limited to 7 couples

Tantra Yoga is a holistic system that connects our sexual and spiritual selves, for healing, joy, and power. Sexy-Flex allows you a comfortable, yogic, environment to explore the potency of your sexual juiciness. Tailored to all levels of experiences, this fun and sexy class includes postures and practices to bring new energy into your love-making (and life in general) such as:

* Fun sexy mobility exercises for the hips so more energy can flow through
* Yoga to increase the intelligence and sensitivity of the pelvic floor (better sex and stronger orgasms!)
* Ecstasy breathing to raise sexual energy and heal blockages
* Partner yoga for love, connection, and erotic aliveness 

Please come with a lover, partner or intimate friend. Clothing will stay on during this class, and all touch will not have a genital focus. Please bring two yoga mats, some sort of cushion or pillow to sit on (we have a few extra just in case), and a water bottle. 
Open to folks of all genders and orientations. 
Instructor: Dee Dussault is a sexuality coach, Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher, and the creator of Ganja Yoga, with a Harpercollins book by the same name. Since 2009, she's taught partner yoga, vanilla tantra, and Ganja Yoga to thousands of people across the US, Canada, and Europe. To learn more visit or

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Tuesday, Sept 18th: Get Your Flirt On

7:00 - 9:00 PM

$25 Advance/$30 Walk-in* 

Flirting is an opportunity to be playful with other adults. But new people and situations can get you into your head, and it’s not always obvious whether flirting is wanted or welcomed. So how do you shake off your everyday constraints and get into your sexy space? Can you still flirt if you're feeling awkward? How do you know when someone is flirting with you? Can women get their flirt on? And how can you let your interest be known in a fun, welcomed way?

Join Marcia Baczynski - master of the arts of asking for what you want and dedicated flirt - as she shares her humor, wisdom, and creativity in how to navigate the world of flirting.

In this lighthearted class, we'll talk about what flirting is — and isn’t! — and play a bunch of fun games to find your inner flirt, access your curiosity, initiate intimacy and embrace your playfulness. All orientations welcome!


Instructor: Marcia B is an internationally-recognized speaker, writer, coach and expert on sexual communication, relationships and women’s empowerment. Her primary mission is to help women and the people who love them to overcome shame and get in touch with what they truly want – romantically, sexually and relationally – ” even if it’s off the beaten path.

As co-founder of Cuddle Party, Marcia has helped tens of thousands of people to speak up for the kind of touch they want, say No unapologetically, and foster more connected, affectionate relationships. Her popular virtual course, “The Good Girl Recovery Program,” helps women to break out of the roles that keep them small and unsatisfied and move into being more of who they are in all areas of their lives. In the Make Hot Play Happen weekend intensive, she co-teaches with renowned educator Midori, and helps people more fun, lower stakes, hotter sex, more creativity and better connection in bed.

Marcia brings wisdom, humor, and creativity to all aspects of her work, and offers a fresh perspective on love, sex and relationships. Each year, she works with a select group of private clients. Since 2003, she has helped tens of thousands of people through her private coaching, workshops and group programs.

Marcia is a sought-after presenter and coach, and she has made over 100 magazines, newspapers, TV shows, books and radio appearances, including The Montel Williams Show, Fox News, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, Marie Claire, People, Newsweek, The Daily Mail, and Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t, to name just a few. You can find her online at

*Walk-in subject to space availability.

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Saturday, Sept 22nd: Merkin Making Workshop

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

$20 (includes supplies)

In sexy, playful defiance of any personal and private beauty standards, it's time to get creative and celebrate The Hair Down There. What are we talking about?  Merkins! What is a merkin, you ask? A sort of pubic wig, of course! In modern life, there has been a lot of pressure to denude the mons pubis, requiring lots of sometimes painful and expensive hair removal and maintenance, and also social anxiety, which has led some to tough stuff including labial cosmetic surgery.... Let's bring back the short and curlies, and celebrate real choice in How We Wear The Hair Down There. 

Curious about making art merkins? In this workshop we will start with your choice of soft or hard forms and a pile of inspirational materials and make a few merkins. Make yours playful or political. Use the supplies provided or bring some thing(s) from home that spark your imagination. Through the use of different available techniques, we can realize your merkin making potential! You can then chose if you'd like to include your merkin artwork in the upcoming group show at Pure Pleasure on October 5.

All supplies are included but please feel free to bring anything you have that inspires you!

Take a look for some inspiration, if you dare!

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Saturday, Sept 29th: Kink and BDSM for Beginners

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Join one of Pure Pleasure's in-house educators for a FREE class on kink and BDSM! Whether you identify as vanilla or just beginning to dabble, this space is for you. Topics will include: consent & negotiation, impact play, bondage & restraint, sensation play, and more! **There will be live demos for the visual learners** This class is open to folks of all genders, sexualities, and experience levels. Come and play!
Instructor: Jamie Joy is a colorful whirlwind of ideas and radiant optimism. Transplanted from Philly, Jamie is a passionate advocate for queer communities and a dedicated activist and educator. Since moving to California, they have gotten involved with various organizations in Santa Cruz County focusing on visibility, justice, and sexual health. Jamie is trained and certified through SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information), works at Pure Pleasure, and is delighted to teach a class here for the queer and trans community!


*Subject to space available. Advance registration is recommended.

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Saturday, Oct. 6th: A Special Evening of Pure Pleasure Comedy!

8:00 – 10:00 pm

$25 advance/$30 walk-in*

Another fun night of comedy at Pure Pleasure! 

The 5th Annual Santa Cruz Comedy Festival returns to Pure Pleasure with a night of hilarity!  Tickets are limited, so don’t delay in reserving your seat.

The exciting line-up includes: Chree Powell (SC), Ruby Gill (SF), Ali Littman (SF), Felicia Folkes (LA), Virginia Jones (LA), Emily Catalano(SF), Gabrielle Poccia (SF), Samantha Gilweit (SF). And headliner Emily Van Dyke (SF)


Originally from the Midwest, Emily loves pools and telling inappropriate stories at BBQs. Emily has performed in SF Sketchfest, she was the winner of the Walk the Plank Comedy Competition and her comedy dating show Flirting with Laughter won "Best Tinder Alternative" in San Francisco Magazine. A regular at the SF Punchline, Emily is one of the most sought-after performers in the Bay Area.


These comedians will immerse you into a comedic frenzy and keep you laughing all night long! 


* Admission includes a complimentary beverage. Walk-in space is subject to availability, however this show always sales out, so secure your seat today to make sure you get your funny bone tickled! 

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