Crystal Egg

Crystal Egg

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The Crystal Egg is a kegel exercise ball made of solid polished stone. We love that the stone warms up to body temperature, feeling more natural and balanced in your body. The polished surface is slick and easy to insert, while the weight activates your muscles.

Two good reasons to exercise the pelvic floor muscles: improved vaginal health and increase sexual pleasure. Exercise is particularly important for women whose pelvic floor ligaments have been stretched (common with childbirth). Whatever a person's motivation, it's never too late to begin to exercise. Made of onyx and includes a fabric bag.

Customer Reviews:

"I purchased a stone egg that helps strengthen my pelvic floor. I have noticed an increase in strength and pleasure during sex after using it for a few weeks." -Emily

"The egg is wonderful, we actually searched all over town for one before we found it in your store. Perfect size and very handy with the string." -Nick

"I like the egg I bought. I am pleased with the material and how it works. I feel my pelvic floor muscles getting much stronger." -Mary