Sex Toy Review: YES Oil-Based Lube - By Lollie

December 14, 2012 1 min read

I am a very new member of the oil-based lube fan club, mainly due to its miraculous ability to create a hole in latex (i.e., condoms) within about 30 seconds. Because my partner and I have both been tested and are no longer concerned with condom use, we have begun experimenting with different oil-based lubes.

My partner is extremely sensitive to chemicals, especially when it comes to lubricants. Every water-based and silicone-based lube we tried left him irritated the next day. When I heard about the YES brand and how it is certified organic and doctor-recommended, we had to try it out. The water-based YES lube had a great consistency, but my partner still reacted to it, albeit less severe than others. But when we finally tried the oil-based YES lube, we instantly fell in love. The oil is so nice because not only does it slicken up the area, but it moisturizes, too! It feels much more natural and smooth rather than slippery, last longer than water-based lubes, can be used with just about any sex toy, and best of all, my partner doesn't react to it! We're both super happy with this lube and plan to continue purchasing it, as well as to explore other oil-based lube options.

- Lollie

Note- For the ladies prone to yeast infections, oil-bases lube may not be the best option for you. Look for glycerine-free/sugar-free water-based lubes, such as YES water-based or Hathor Aphrodisia.

Oil-based lubes are also a great option for menopausal/post-menopausal women as they actually work to moisturize the tissue.

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