A Few Pro Tips for Adult Valentine's Day Gifts

January 31, 2016 5 min read

People are constantly coming into the store asking us what our "best sellers" are. First of all, every body, EVERY body, is unique, and the most "normal" thing about sexual preferences is that no two people's are exactly alike. I realize that can feel a little scary for folks, but just imagine how boring your life would be if every single person on earth wanted the same things sexually. Where's the fun in that?

The above said, I thought it might be helpful to our Valentine's day celebrators (single and not) to list some of our actual customer favorites. This way you can get a feel for things that are proven by popularity to be worth the hype. However, please, PLEASE if you are buying a toy for a partner or for yourself that you've never owned before, I urge you to discuss your needs and expectations with an employee first. We are only here to help you find the tool of your dreams (and literally nothing you can say will shock us) so please use us as a resource by coming into the shop or sending us a message at our facebook page linked below:


And now, starting at a PG rating and working our way up, are some clinically proven fabulous Valentine's Day gifts:

Afterglow Massage Candles

In my personal opinion, these are some of the best-smelling products we carry. The "wax" in the candle is actually a scented oil mixture that is designed to melt at a lower temperature than normal candle wax, so it's warmed by the flame but not too hot for a nice massage. (For those who do want some PG-13 unscented hot wax play see these puppies.) Added bonus: the oil also works great as a perfumed lotion to rub behind your ears before a night out (some of us work late on Saturdays OK?). For a deep, rich, almost spicy scent, my personal favorite is "Bourbon." I have no idea why they named it that but it's a real stand-out. "Pink Lotus" smells like fresh tea and is definitely a crowd favorite for a soothing romantic massage you can pour right out of the candle!

Exsens Warming Massage Oil

Winner for best-tasting product we sell hands down. Mojito is certainly the crowd favorite, but "Hot Vanilla" is basically a one way ticket to turning your partner into a creme brulee. I will admit I have snacked on these at work. They are that good. 

Toys for Vulva-Owners

Maia Wicked Clip

Perfect for beginners who want to please a clit! The dual ears massage the clit from both sides simultaneously for mind-blowing sensations. "Most" people with vulvas need direct clit attention to get off, either solo or with a partner, and the Wicked Clip really delivers. Small and external enough to be used during intercourse if needed. If this isn't your first rodeo, I'd highly recommend the Form 2, which is basically a higher-quality, more powerful rechargeable upgrade with more speed options and a nifty warranty. A great gift idea for a good pal or for yourself. Added bonus: feels amaazing on nipples and known to work on pressure points too!

Miss Bi

A lot of people give us the "some of both" answer when it comes to a preference for clitoral or G-spot stimulation. Miss Bi is an incredible toy by Fun Factory that gives you a lot of both. Perfectly. Every stinkin time. The curved internal body is incredibly well-catered to fit a wide variety of G-spots, both for experts and those who are trying to get in touch with its legendary splendor. This toy solved the sometimes frustrating issue of not enough direct clit vibration by putting AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE VIBRATING MOTOR RIGHT ON YOUR CLIT. That's right: two whole motors dedicated solely to you and your pleasure. Cannot recommend this toy highly enough. For those who want similar amenities and a more pin-pointed clit vibe, try cousin Amorino. For those who want the G-spot attention of their life and a clit buzz to match: try the self-thrusting (Self. Thrusting!) Bistronic Fusion.

Toys for Penis-owners:

I'm just gonna say it: if you have a prostate, be friends with it. Don't be one of the millions of people who spend most of their lives scared to enjoy the most intense orgasm of their life because of some silly taboo around trying "butt stuff." There's a reason why it's called the male G-Spot!! You only live once and, in my opinion, why shouldn't that include a full-body orgasm or two? For some fool-proof prostate lovin, please explore our products by Aneros. Not only will these toys actually "train" your prostate to enhance your orgasms even when you aren't using them, they're also great tools for maintaining your prostate health as a cancer-preventative measure. Can you say win-win?

For those who deserve some skilled penis-love this Valentine's Day and beyond, none of our male toys compare to the Tenga Flip Hole. With 3 different pressure points on the outside for those who want full control of tightness and suction (options that even the world-renowned Fleshlight can't boast) , there is seriously nothing like it. Did we mention that it's the easiest to clean of all of our sleeves? That means it also lasts the longest. Talk about "bang" for your buck!

Couple's Toys

These are some of our most frequent customer requests. While couples can (and do) use toys together in a seriously infinite variety of ways, here are our top 2 that can be used during intercourse (and solo for anyone who likes vibration). 80% of women need clit stimulation to achieve orgasm during intercourse, and all three of these are here to meet that need hands free (so you can use your hands for more creative purposes.. ;).


Hands-down our most popular couples toy. The smaller portion of the toy slips into the vagina to put pressure on the G-spot, while the front portion is a multi-mode vibrator for the clit! By basically "clipping" itself onto the body, the internal portion of the We-vibe leaves enough room for a penis (or other phallic friend) to slip into the vagina neatly behind it. This toy comes with the option to use a remote control, a discrete button on the front of the waterproof toy, or an app that you can activate from anywhere in the world. Perfect for naughty long-distance couples, tech fiends, and basically anyone else with a clitoris.


For those who don't necessarily want extra G-spot pressure during sex, Eva is the perfect non-penetrative couples vibrator. Carefully designed and sponsored by a feminist kickstarter campaign, Eva's 2 little legs bend to hold it in place between the labia majora, directly over your clit. Perfect for solo play and/or helping people get more out of penetrative sex. Side Note: I think it looks like a cute little scarab, which makes it ideal for anyone (like myself) who may enjoy feeling like a badass Cleopatra while getting off.


To end on a personal note: one of my best Valentines ever was when I literally got dumped on Valentine's Day and my best friend sent me a care package with my very first vibrator in it. So I hope this blog post has been helpful even for those of us celebrating solo this year, or who may want to brighten up a more platonic friend's February. Bear in mind, these are just a few favorites for now. Please feel free to explore this site and our store to learn about  hundreds more ways to make this Valentine's Day your best yet!!

<3 Emma


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