March 01, 2016 2 min read

Ed Asks:

I think many males fantasize about giving their female partner a remote-controlled orgasm, ideally somewhere at least semi-public. The idea of making her squirm, struggle to hold it together while giving the waiter her dessert order probably isn't pc, certainly isn't chivalrous, but is definitely compelling. But I want to know if it's realistic! Will a We-Vibe fulfill this fantasy (assuming my wife will go for it)? I'm sure that "success" is going to vary among individuals and that "hardware quality" is likely also a factor. The online reviews of various remote vibes are all over the map, and frankly many look pretty dubious, so I'd love your honest, expert opinion.

Dear Ed:

These days there are a number of options for remote controlled vibes - some using your traditional remote, while others are using Bluetooth technology via an app on your SmartPhone!

The We-Vibe comes with two options - one that pairs with a remote AND the app, and another, more wallet-friendly option that is app-only (note that both can be controlled by directly pushing the button on the vibe as well). The We-Vibe is rechargeable, and therefore very quiet, so you shouldn't have to worry about your neighbor hearing your vibe out in public (unless you are wearing it in a silent space, so perhaps yoga classes are off the table). Perks of the We-Vibe include: dual motors - one for internal and another for external vibrations; a narrow internal piece so it may also be used simultaneously with penetration; water-proof and USB-recharegable. Occasional downfalls: the internal piece may not stay in if used alongside a lot of thrusting, and does not fit perfectly for all body shapes/sizes; vibrations are medium to medium-high, so if someone like super strong vibrations (think thuddy Hitachi style vibrations), then the We-Vibe may be more frustrating than pleasurable.

Another option is a wireless internal vibe from Sensuelle. While this one does not work with Bluetooth, it does pack a lot of power, and can be worn internally or inside the liner of most panties.

So are they as much fun as they sound? That's up to you! Remote vibes can be a fun way to spice up an outing with your partner, and is also one of the more discreet ways to tap into your inner exhibitionist (or, in your case, voyeur). If your partner is a fan of vibrations and open to experimenting with a little adventure, then I'd say go ahead and give it a whirl!

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