Sex Toy Review by Lollie: Honey Dust by Kama Sutra

May 20, 2015 1 min read

This stuff is great! It keeps you (or whatever you use it on) delicious, aromatic, and dry. The chocolate flavor is my ABSOLUTE favorite - I get to smell and taste like hot cocoa! And the hand-made feather duster makes for a lovely applicator as well as a fun sensation toy. ;)

Honey Dust delivers allure: put it on before a date to keep the sweat away; powder your bikini line so that when your partner heads downstairs you smell and taste like chocolate (or whatever flavor you choose- strawberry is nice too!); dust it on your sheets to wick away the remnants of that hot, sweaty sex you just had; rub it through your hair before work for a quick, good-smelling dry shampoo. There are all kinds of uses! I feel sexier when I know that I smell good, so I love Honey Dust for foreplay fun. It’s also nice to know that I taste like dessert, without the stickiness of it. I feel very sexy when I dust it on, which definitely contributes to my ability to fully absorb into play with my partner.

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