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Ask Amy — great sex

In the month of April, tune up your consent skills!

Posted by Rat Queen Kyver on

Can you believe it's April already? I sure can't. But spring is here and that means everything in nature is beautifully blossoming under blue skies. One other beautiful thing about April is that it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! You might be thinking, "That's not beautiful. That's scary! And maybe mean!" Listen, you're not alone. But I'm here to give you one really easy, universal tool to help avoid sexual assault and raise your awareness: Consent! Even if you are not someone who has experienced sexual assault first-hand, April is a great opportunity to brush up on your know-how and practice asking for...

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Shower Sex Positions That Work!

Posted by Jessica White Cloud on

Shower Sex Positions That Work!

Shower sex in the movies is always so steamy, but for the rest of us - without a well-paid Swedish art director to decorate our sex lives in a soapy haze - the reality of shower sex can be just downright awkward. Body parts don't line up right, someone's getting all the nice warm water while the other freezes, and it's slippery in all the wrong parts (floor, walls, etc...), and not in the right parts. Water is a terrible lubricant, so you will definitely need lube. And not just any kind, but a water-resistant silicone based lube. There are also...

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Our FREE eBook for GREAT SEX now available!

Posted by Amy Baldwin on

Our FREE eBook, The 5 Pure Pleasure Principles for Great Sex, is now available! Sign up above or on our homepage to receive your copy! Sneak peak from the book: As Sexuality Educators, while we hear a variety of questions related to sexual health and wellbeing, there seems to be a common underlying theme:“I want MORE!More connection, more intimacy, more passion, more orgasm, more arousal, more desire.But I don’t know where to start. How do I ask for what I want? And will my partner be open to giving it to me?”Sound familiar? Most people experience some form of “lack”...

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